Cyberspying - the Ghost in Your Machine

[Daily Maverick] Whether it's Donald Trump's crackdown on immigrants or French police forcing a Muslim woman to remove her burqa, we live in a time when governments openly terrrorise citizens. Underpinning the violence: the "security state" - a cosy enclave where we can be beaten, searched, and have our privacy violated by government forces so that they can "keep us safe". Technologically, the security state relies on two things - brute force and communications monitoring. Because, before they can beat, search, or violate

Steering #Budget2017 Between Excess Patronage and Prudence

[The Conversation Africa] After investigating the "massacre" (as termed by both the opposition Democratic Alliance and African National Congress Youth League) of more than 100 mental health patients under the guise of cutting costs, South Africa's Health Ombudsman Malegapuru Makgoba advised that a "sufficient budget should be allocated for the implementation" of proper care.